Spirit Beyond Beauty


Originally from Guinea-Conakry, West Africa, I have been buying and trading valuable African Art with various collectors and enthusiasts throughout the world for almost 20 years.  

My business is simple, and honest. The profits from my sales are used to support my family, and also to develop and maintain various community projects which help provide educational resources and basic living necessities for the people of my village, Dabola Berete.

In collaboration with family and friends, in Africa, Europe, the UK and the US, I obtain original works of Collectible African Art, which I then sell to gallery owners and private collectors.  

Pieces from my collection are most frequently shown and sold throughout major cities in the Northeast region of the US, to include the Baltimore/Washington DC metropolitan area, Philiadelphia, New Jersey, and New York city. 

I am always open to meeting new people, traveling to new places and sharing my knowledge of the artwork that I sell.  Come out and see me in the African Village, at the annual gem show in Arizona, or catch me at  African Art and trade festivals throughout the country.   

African Art is more than my work, it is a passion that I love to share with others, so p
lease do not hesitate to call or send me a message.  It will be my pleasure to answer your questions, and to share my knowledge with you. 

- With God's Blessing

   Hamidou Berete

   (718) 739-6919


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